Monday, 4 May 2015

Colour block Shirt

Happy Bank Holiday Monday!  

This has been such an enjoyable weekend, how does 1 extra day off work make so much difference? I vote for 3 day weekends every week!  

Friday night I was partying with the girls celebrating Lolli's 30th which was one of the best nights out I have had in ages, so much so a lot of Vodka, Lime and lems were consumed causing me to be a complete write off on Saturday.  Sunday was a fresher day so me and my housemates attacked the garden, armed with prosecco and cider of course.  We battled with metre tall weeds, spiky plants and encountered only one injury (I trod on a nail) and in a couple of hours had it looking Summer ready, just need to purchase a BBQ now!  

This weekend has been time off from the blog so it's been mega chilled as any spare time I have I am always putting posts together or curling up with a cuppa reading my fave blogs and wishing my wardrobe was bigger.  However a few days off and I found myself missing it, so here I am with an outfit from a couple of weeks back when my friend Amy came to stay!

oversized shirt style

Shirt - People Tree / Leather Jacket - Zara / Leggings - H&M / Trainers - Adidas



Thursday, 30 April 2015

#OOTD and The Shard visit

Well hello, hello!  How are you all on this fine Friday?  I am feeling pretty damn happy, let 
me tell you for why…

a) It’s a bank holiday weekend AKA BH (knowing we have 3 days off work is absolute joy)
b) I am seeing the girls tonight (party pants and prosecco at the ready)
c) I announced my NEW JOB to you guys this week (another excuse to celebrate!)

Aside from all the happiness which to be honest is mainly centered around the thought of impending prosecco, I thought I would show you all the outfit I wore when my parents came down to visit me last week!  It was my mums birthday so I treated them to afternoon tea at The Shard.  I know check me out bank rolling eh – I wasn't really, I lived on beans on toast so I could afford to treat them as boy was it an expensive coffee and cake out!

Totally worth it though, the sandwiches were divine (I haven’t stopped dreaming about their egg mayo rolls since I left!) and the views were incredible.  I booked it though afternoon tea and can’t recommend it enough especially if you have a special occasion coming up!  We did make a day of it though and were so lucky with the weather which makes a change in the UK.  The morning was spent mooching around Greenwich and having pre coffee in the sun then a quick water taxi up the Thames which dropped us right outside The Shard.  A great way to travel and see the famous London landmarks at the same time!
I went for a  pretty chilled outfit, comfort was needed for the mooching part of the day so trainers and a relaxed stripey tee was the best choice!  However styled with smart black trousers and a longline blazer it smartened the look up for The Shard visit!
All in all a very lovely day and if you haven’t visited The Shard yet then pop it on your to-do list, it’s definitely well worth a visit!

casual fashion

casual fashion

casual fashion

Trainers - Adidas / Trousers c/o - Oh My Love / Top - People Tree / Blazer - Charity Shop

Have an amazing weekend guys!



Wednesday, 29 April 2015

New job news - Endource

Rain has arrived back here in London in which normally I would be utterly depressed about however not today, no nothing can dampen my spirits today!  Why I hear you ask, well I thought I would fill you in on the career change I have embarked on...

In 2 weeks’ time I will be sporting the rather exciting new job role of Editorial and Marketing Assistant for a new online fashion company called Endource! 

*dream job alert*

Yes, I can read your minds again - your all asking who and what are Endource
They are a new online shopping platform showcasing the most sought after products all of which have been endorsed by top fashion magazines, editors and bloggers. 

Premium to high street product is curated by a team of experts to bring you the shopper the ultimate style directory of top trends and the most coveted brands! 

I will be looking after all of their social media channels so if you fancy seeing me in action then go follow them on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and PINTEREST as I will be creating some amazing inspirational content!

If you want to know what's trending now, what the top fashion editors are wearing, aspirational street style looks or what products are the most endorsed by the fashion press elite then come over and follow the Endource style team!

utility fashion

Utility Fashion Trend - All products found over at Endource



Friday, 24 April 2015

Double Denim

Yo Yo it’s Friday Biatches and there’s no one more excited about that than me! Helloooo Lay in.  This week's been long but I have some mega exciting news on the career front that I will be sharing with you very soon so it’s not been all bad, actually in fact it’s been bloody fantastic!  Watch this space…

So, I mentioned that my friend Amy came to visit in my last post however, I haven’t shown you any outfits from our weekend of East London fun (terrible blogger) so voila here you have Saturdays outfit…

double denim

double denim

I went for double denim (longstanding fave), my superstars (apologies for wearing them with everything!) and an old Topshop caged body which I totally forgot I had (dontcha just love it when that happens!).  

Repping a total 90’s vibe with this look which is so me, it doesn't matter what look I am going for it always has a 90’s edge.

double denim

double denim

double denim

double denim

double denim

double denim

double denim

Mom Jeans - Charity Shop / Denim Shirt - Charity Shop / Body - Topshop / Bomber Jacket - H&M / Trainer - Superstars

Have a great weekend guys, see you in my next post!



Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Trainer wishlists with Lyst

Now I don’t know about you but I am a real list maker, I have all sorts of notebooks for various lists such as my blog, work and then just a general to-do list.  Outfit planning normally falls into both To-do and blog notebooks as it’s all about planning looks for shoots and of course planning outfits for weekends out with the girls! 
All incredibly important don’t you know. 

I was recently contacted by Lyst who are a fashion site offering their customers some where to shop designers and stores all in one place!   As well as this there are options to create lists of things you want to buy, follow your favourite brands and be the first to see the newest trends and latest looks.  I was all over the list making aspect of the site as I am currently on the hunt for some new trainers! 

The sun is currently determining my footwear as its too hot for boots and maybe still a little to breezy for sandals so that calls for a new trainer purchase!  I currently have all the usual suspects, the Adidas Superstars, Converse, Superga’s, Nike Air Max and New Balance.

 So I turned to Lyst for Inspo…


Stan Smiths, Saucony, Adidas x Stella McCartney - Lyst 

Come payday I'll be heading straight over to my 'Trainer Hype' lyst and will be purchasing one of the above, the question is, which trainer?



Monday, 20 April 2015

Pocket London with Shopa

Hello Hello!  Hope everyone's weekend has been a good one!  
I had my lovely friend Amy come to stay with me and we enjoyed a very nice time indeed.  Friday we dined out at Arepa which is a fabulous Venezuelan restaurant in Haggerston then Saturday was spent mooching around Hackney enjoying Prosecco in London Fields and food from Broadway Market.  A perfect Saturday.

 I was recently contacted by Shopaa shopping platform connecting retailers with customers offering an easy online shopping experience from a selection of brands!  Shopa got in touch and asked me to style up a piece from MIC Louise Thompson's brand Pocket London and I am in love with this sweatshirt!  Its the perfect Summer jumper - cropped, lightweight with a cool and colourful print.  Styled with ripped jeans, chunky boots, scrunchie and my obligatory gold accessories it oozes a 90's vibe.

90's fashion

90's fashion

90's fashion

90's fashion

90's fashion

90's fashion

Sweatshirt c/o - Pocket London / Jeans - Miss Selfridge / Boots - H&M

I recommend you check out the Shopa App as well as their Twitter as it's also a great way to keep up to date with the latest trends!

Have a lovely week guys, see you in my next post!



Thursday, 16 April 2015

She popped the Question!

Hello lovely people, obvious opening question  - Are you all enjoying the SUN!!! 
 London has come alive this past week and I for one am certainly revelling in this glorious weather, I even walked a bit of the way to work last night and this morning!  The kick I have in my step today is not just down to the weather but also down to the fact that last night my best friend of 17 years asked me to be her CHIEF BRIDESMAID!  I was in complete shock as her and her fiancĂ© drove up to London to surprise me and pop the question, now that’s pure friendship in my eyes and I was totally honoured.  Roll on 2017!
 Now I have shared my happy news I also thought I would share Tuesday outfit, god love the light evenings as I can now snap my work looks!  Skirts, brogues and slogan Tee’s are the focus of this look actually, this whole week has been a mix up of skirts with various different shoe styles.  I’s waaaaay too hot for trousers on the dreaded central line tube!
 What have you guys been wearing now the suns out, I need to start updating my Summer wardrobe so let me know your favourite Summer pieces!

work wear

work wear

leopard print brogues
work wear fashion

work wear fashion

Shoes c/o - Deichmann Shoes / Skirt - F&F / Top - H&M / Leather Jacket - H&M

Keep enjoying the sun!  See you in my next post.



Sunday, 12 April 2015

London Life

So I thought this post was about due as 8 months ago I moved to London and can honestly say it was the best move and decision I have ever made.  London is everything everyone says it is, fast paced, hectic, smelly, loud, expensive...   

I spend every morning and every night under the arm pit of some hairy man (sadly, never a hot man).  Once the suffocating commute is done I am rushing down the street tutting at the slow walkers as I make my way to work.  I am 40 minutes early, but yes I am still rushing, because in London everyone rushes.  Once the rushing is done I get into work, do what I need to do before breaking the daily slog up with trip out for lunch.  
Usually spending money in Pret, Itsu or at a new smoothie place it's then back to to the office until 6pm.  The rushing and commuting takes place again and its home to my lovely housemates, I'll eat, blog and then finally go to bed, absolutely exhausted.  Then repeat.


Everyday I see something new whether its a cool piece of wall-art or amazing street style inspo.

I've tried foods I would never have even touched before (no joke I now eat avocado, quinoa and Buckwheat).

I have made new friends who have now become very good friends (and excellent boozing buddies)

The monthly oyster card ticket - with this card all travel at the weekend is basically free (it's not but it feels like it is).

I can officially say I work in fashion.

There is always something to do.

There are the coolest vintage shops, hidden car-boots and vintage market stalls ever in London.

My local pub shuts at 2am every Friday and Saturday night and its a proper good East End London boozer, oh and it's award winning to!

There are better places to take blog pics, better roads, houses, graffiti, walls whatever back drop you fancy London's got it.

I can finally go to Blog events with minimal drama and no expensive train ticket.

It's cultural and interesting and forces you to learn about people and things you would never have needed to before.

I regularly meet people with the same interests as me... blogging, shopping, photography, drinking *ahem*

Anyway the list could go on trust me, but I just wanted to jot a couple of notes down about our wonderful capital and my experience of moving to it.  If your thinking of moving here then do it, don't wait, do it.  I waited until I was 28 and my only regret is not doing it sooner. 

Pub grub at the local - The Red Lion

One of many pop up food places in Shoreditch


Pret Life

Carnaby Street at Christmas

Victoria Park in Bethnal Green

Sunday Up Market on Brick Lane

(All images taken by myself)


Friday, 10 April 2015


Happy Friday seems to be the most appropriate way to start this post, knowing I don't have to set an alarm tomorrow is literally the best feeling ever.  Although I have nothing to get up for I am still having a quiet one tonight, it's 10pm and I am already in bed, absolute party animal, I know.  

I'll keep this short and sweet as I am insanely tired but here's a quick shot of what I wore this week when I went out and over indulged in famous Brick Lane curry.  
Thank god the outfit was baggy...

Jeans c/o - Missguided / Shirt - Vintage / Bag c/o - Nica Handbags / Jacket - H&M

Here's to an amazing weekend, see ya'll in my next post!


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