Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wednesday Wants

I have some great news , I have purchased my first staple piece of the season.  
It is a lovely Zara 3/4 length black coat, the best bit of this purchase was that it was bought from a rather fabulous charity shop in Notting Hill.  Now, as a long term shopper/lover/fan of charity shops I must admit I hated it when they started getting all organised, tidy and displaying the clothes on a wooden hanger, I guess we have Mary Portas to blame for that.  
My favourite thing about a charity shop is being able to have a rummage, after years of traipsing round many Salvation Army's and Cancer Research I do count myself as a bit of an expert but overall the feeling is good, giving money to an excellent cause and being able to get a gem of an outfit from it!  

The other day I ventured to Portobello Market with a friend from work (who was a fab tour guide may I just say).  We came across a Fara Charity Shop and being Notting Hill all the clothes were the likes of Zara, Cos, Whistles and then high end designer and all at good prices to.  The Zara coat jumped out and literally onto my shoulders and at a mere £18 I was rushing to the tills.  Now the journey continues for a leather jacket, leading me onto this weeks Wednesday Wants...

Leather Biker Jacket / Shearling Leather Jacket / Colour Block Leather Jacket / Bomber Style Leather Jacket

Which one is your favourite?


Monday, 20 October 2014

Monday Musings

This weeks inspirational post is inspired by Winters dominating colour, Khaki.  
I love these looks and how the khaki shade has been incorporated into each outfit adding a touch of a military vibe.  

All images taken from Pinterest

Which look is favourite and have you bought anything Khaki this season?


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Flare Hype

I have joined in with the flare fun, this trend is everywhere right now and fellow blogging pals have inspired me to hop aboard.  I was a little dubious to step away from my faithful skinny jeans and patterned leggings but when I came across these Zara trousers in a charity shop for £5, yes £5 I thought whats the harm in testing out a trend when it will cost so little!  I was in Cheshire for work and being quite an affluent area the charity shops had some good gear which obviously equals a very happy Abbie.  

This jumper was also a charity shop steal, a vintage M&S (St Michael) jumper for a mere couple of quid, again a very happy Abbie.  Now, I have taken inspiration from my lovely blogging friend Lizzy with this outfit and tried out the less is more approach (albeit I did have to wear some huge silver hoops and a patterned bag) and I quite like it.  
I have also clashed blue and black, not sure why but I have always felt this wasn't a great colour combo, but I think it works in this look.  What do you guys think?

Trousers - Charity Shop / Jumper - Charity Shop / Bag - Pressie from a friend / Boots c/o - Missguided

Happy Saturday Guys!


Thursday, 16 October 2014

Utility Jacket

Right now this Utility Jacket is my go to coat of the moment, mainly because it’s lightweight and a has hood which is perfect in this miserable weather.  I am all about coats at the moment and getting the right one seems to be proving rather a task, for next week’s Wednesday wants I think compiling a coat wish list would be a good idea so I can purchase savvy and add the right classic coat to my winter wardrobe.
Khaki is one of the colours of the season and this utility trend is just so wearable, this jacket is quite similar to last Winter’s styles with the leather look sleeves and khaki body combo.  I love ribbed detail on the sleeves and how because it is slightly more fitted it can look a bit dressier styled with heels which is exactly what I did with this outfit. 
All black is easy and keeps the jacket as the statement piece.
I hope everyone’s week is going well, I wish it was Friday today as this week’s seems to be going a tad too slow for my liking!  Probably because I have friends visiting this weekend and I am wishing Saturday night would hurry up so we can go out and be drunken rascals like the old days back in Southampton.  Last night I went and watched Gone Girl in 'old skool' cinema in Whitechapel, it is called Genesis and was only £3.50 - me and my housemates were trying to work out the catch the whole time but nope, no catch just cheap!

Jacket c/o - Missguided / Trousers c/o - Oh My Love / Shoes c/o - Missguided / Crop Top - Pull & Bear

How would you wear this jacket, are you loving this seasons Khaki shades?


Monday, 13 October 2014

Monday Musing - Midi Skirts

I haven't posted a Monday Musing for a while so thought an inspirational post was due!  
I don't know about you but this weather is throwing me all out of sorts with what to wear, Saturday was sun and blue skies and today is rain, wind and more rain, typical English weather I guess?  With this confusing forecast in mind and the fact that I travel the Central Line to work every day (hottest line ever!) a midi skirt seems to be a good choice for keeping covered up but still a bit of flesh on show.  

They look cool styled with a loose jumper and trainers or with a shirt and chunky boot if an after work night out is on the cards.  This leads me on to this weeks inspiration...

All images take from Pinterest

Have a good week guys!


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Acid Wash Skater Dress

Taking blog photos is easier said than done when there is no one around to take them for you, so today I bought myself a tripod.  Seriously why haven't I owned one of these before?  My new purchase meant that I could capture this acid wash dress from Hidden Fashion with minimal effort and in a new location to, a rather shabby looking wall in my back garden, I quite like it actually.  I styled my skater dress simply with a classic black jumper, my faithful over the knee boots and this cute bag that was a birthday pressie!  

I am enjoying doing not a lot today, these last few weeks have been so hectic so for once I am chilling and not going out.  X factor and a takeaway coming right up thank you, please.  Although there is so much to do in London I don't feel bad having a day when I don't leave the house because all that fun stuff that is now on my doorstep will be there tomorrow, or next week or the week after that, ahhhh the joys of living in London.

Dress c/o - Hidden Fashion / Boots - River Island / Bag - H&M / Jumper - People Tree

Thursday, 9 October 2014


Hello you lovely lot, hope you are all having a  good week?  I wanted to have a little chat about the fabulous brand Superga.
When I was young (like school young) I imagined that by the time I was 28 I would wear heels every day, you know like a proper grown up.  However heels are a still rarity, they are a treat on a night out, or when I want to make my legs feel less dumpy, and even then I’ll only go for a stacked heel shoe boot.
Flat boots and trainers are my go to shoe, if we are getting into specifics then I’ll always have a longstanding love with a good Converse High-top or a Classic White Superga plimsole.  
This being the case, you can imagine my happiness when I saw that the Beautiful Suki Waterhouse (who is a complete goddess, only 22 years old, bagged Bradly and has great hair…! pfffft) has teamed up for her first designer experience with Superga.  Oh happy days!  In Spitalfields Market near my work there is a new Superga store, I naturally found myself in there one lunch break and noticed the advertising for the new collection which a) made me debate cutting a fringe and b) persuaded myself that yes I do need another pair of trainers.  I was all over the flatform styles,  I don’t actually own any flat form trainers and I do need the extra couple of inches to elongate my legs, so really it’s an essential addition to the wardrobe, no?  The green also caught my eye, in the shop I wouldn't haven’t looked twice at the colour but styled so simply with all black in the advert I was completely sold. 

Which are your favourite Superga’s from Suki’s new designs?


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Cat Boots

These hungover Sunday posts are getting far to frequent for my liking, wasting a whole day trying to make myself feel normal again (mostly in the form of eating Macdonalds!) is so unproductive.  Hey ho, you only live once I guess.  

Now I thought I would show you the outfit that I wore yesterday which is all thanks to the lovely guys over at BANK Fashion as I received an email from them asking me to show how I would style up a pair of Cat boots.  I was over the moon as I have been lusting after these boots for some time now, (as this old wishlist post can confirm) they are honestly my new favourite shoe, so comfortable and perfect for stomping round London running for tubes and walking to work.  They add a hint of cool to an outfit and will go with anything, next look I am thinking skinny jeans and an oversized jumper.

Cat Boots, dress and Cardigan c/o - BANK

Here's to a good week ahead, hope everyone's Mondays aren't to bad.


Friday, 3 October 2014

Faux Fur

Friday at last, what a bloody lovely feeling, hope you have all had a good week?  
Tonight has been a full on girlie one - having the ultimate pamper sesh with my housemates, painting nails and shouting at the TV during X factor, mainly at Louie.   

This is an outfit I wore out for lunch last Sunday.  The weather might not be sure whats it's doing as the warm days are still lingering and I am still seeing people in their flip flops, that said it's still October and Winter fashion has well and truly arrived.  Yep faux fur is back,  and especially on the accessory front.  

With this trend hitting the high street I decided to raid my closet and see what I had so I could get involved, low and behold my black faux fur stole.  A bargain from House of Fraser purchased at a good 'ol' charity shop.  These pictures are quite funny really, a seasonal clash of sunglasses, faux fur and bare legs.  Yep that makes total sense.  


Bag - Pressie from a lovely friend / Faux Fur Stole - Charity shop / Maxi dress - H&M 

Have a great weekend guys!


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Wednesday Wants - Staples

With my new wardrobe overhaul underway I thought I would put together a wishlist of some classic staples pieces.  The clearing out of the old, the shop savvy tactics and only buying key pieces has commenced, heres where I will start. Naturally I started with Monochrome...

Leather Jacket / Shoes / Shirt / Leggings / Lace Crop

What are your wardrobe staples?

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